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Pensions From?...

Converting Pension Funds into Annuities From:

Abbey Life
Allied Dunbar
AXA Sun Life
Canada Life
Clerical Medical
Countrywide Assured
Eagle Star
Equitable Life
Friends Provident
Legal and General
National Westminster
Scottish Equitable
Scottish Life
Scottish Mutual
Scottish Widows
Standard Life
Windsor Life
and many others

Annuities From?...

Possible Pension Annuity Providers:

AXA Sun Life
British Life
Canada Life
Clerical Medical
Friends Provident
GE Life
Just Retirement
Legal & General
Liverpool Victoria
Pensions Annuity FS
Scottish Equitable
Scottish Life
Scottish Widows
Standard Life
and many others

Who Are We?

Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd are one of the UK's best known retirement income experts. As whole of market financial specialists, unlike tied specialists, we must recommend solutions from the entire range of retirement products available.

Help With Annuities and Their Alternatives

Annuity Helpdesk is stacked with information and answers, please make sure you bookmark us now for future reference.

The team manning the Annuity Helpdesk, Retirement Solutions (UK) Ltd, are FCA registered financial specialists and one of the UK's best known retirement income experts. Skip to "Ask Questions"

Making the Wrong Choice Could Cost you 1000's

The difference between the income that you are offered and what you could be entitled to is often very significant. Skip to "Ask Questions"

You Have an Alternative to Your Pension Provider

A financial specialist may be able to secure several thousands pounds more for you from alternative providers.

This extra income is obviously dependent upon the size of your fund and your individual circumstances. Skip to "Ask Questions"

We Help Increase Your Retirement Income

There's a bewildering array of things to bear in mind when deciding which annuity (or alternative to an annuity) to choose.

Did you know for instance that your income could increase if, in the past, you have been hospitalised for a medical condition or are taking medication?

There are over 1,500 health conditions that could result in an increased annuity.

So, if you currently have a health problem, or if you have had one in the past, you may qualify for what is known as an Enhanced Annuity, sometimes also known as an Impaired Life Annuity. Skip to "Ask Questions"

Other Aspects That May Impact on Your Choice

Apart from your health there are other considerations...
• Your required annual income
• Any spouse, partner or dependant benefits
• Attitude to risk
• Security versus flexibility
• Type of area where you live (based on postcode)
• Other assets you may have

Additionally, higher annuities are often offered to those who:
• Are regular smokers
• Have retired from certain occupations, especially blue collar/manual workers
• Live in certain parts of the country

Ask Questions: Enquire Now For Free...

Ask us for help finding you an annuity/annuity alternative or just ask us a question.

Contact a professional retirement specialist (not a call center) now by completing our quick and easy, confidential, NO-OBLIGATION enquiry:

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